Andok’s Well-Oriented Genius Commercials

As far as I’m concerned, Andok’s is my favorite pasalubong from my dad. The roasted chicken has its subtle taste of lemon grass accompanied by their famous “sarsa” or gravy. Kulasa was only nine years old then. Andok’s has been in the business of roasted chicken (litson manok) for over 25 years now. Gradually, they added new concepts like grocery stores and light to hard chilled beverages.

Andok’s maintained its reputation by serving good quality roasted chicken. Together with their product menu included is “litsong liempo” (roasted pork belly) and dokito (fried chicken). Some franchisees upgraded their stalls into a small restaurant where they serve chilled beverages and ice creams as well.

Lately, I’ve spotted a funny tv advertisement in courtesy of youtube. It stars their proud product dokito. It was quiet hilarious and artistic as well. I found it interesting. Spend some time to watch it and make a review.

Andok's Perfect Breast

Andok's Wings

Andok's Palong

The several advertisements cleverness has been in the scene for over a month. I wonder why it haven’t aired in some leading television prime time ad sessions. Probable cause may be the commercial’s length. It may cost a bit expensive I bet. Anyway, hail to these pieces of artwork! And to all the people responsible! You make everyone proud including me.

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