Barely Half Breathing Made by MOA

One of ambitious plan that’s ever made by SM Prime Holdings was building the SM Mall of Asia. It is the 2nd largest mall in the Philippines and ranked as the 4th largest shopping mall in the world. Occupying the land area of 42 hectares which is located in Pasay City, you bet there’s a lot of establishments gathered in such one place. Prepare to get mauled upon entering those grounds. 

I’ve been browsing the net just to find out their schedules on Planetarium. One of MOA’s attractions but sadly, I didn’t know it until I visited and talked to the receptionist for every schedule of showing. In short, we didn’t experience one because it is fully booked by that time. Some other time may be…

Kulasa and her son walked together with thousands of people finding restaurant where we can eat and chill. Considering thousands of people, the mall was so jam packed more than you can imagine. Finally we landed at Classic Savory. We eat the usual, the chicken, the rice and everything. LOL. Then we left and had a view by the bay. I never dreamt of going to MOA honestly, just imagining its enormous land area makes me getting tired already and here we are.

Craving for an ice cream now makes the scene worst. We roam and roam just to find one. We spotted the Pancake House and dig in some of their sumptuous desserts. Alas! It made me smile for a while but my hips and legs are aching thoroughly.

Probably we’ll go back there to check the Planetarium as early as 9 am to have an early reservation. Prepare to get mauled again!

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