About Kulasa


Thirty-two years ago, in an obtrusive province of Isabela (yes, here in Philippines) an enraged mom broke the left thumb of her hilot while delivering a baby and probably, the outcome was me. Nicknamed as Kulasa, at first, I thought it sounds fierce and my hint is correct. Attended a catholic school in Rizal at a young age wearing skimpy clothes during mass which is bought by my mom and that really annoys me. My classmates always tease me but hey this is Kulasa, pare! They can't bully me. Not even a single chance.

I like to watch my mom whenever she cooks while listening smoke in the water by Deep Purple ( I know, that was 80's) I do patiently wait for the finished product and wallop it! I found my passion of cooking ever since I was young. I am very interested watching cooking shows even if I don’t understand. That was Wok with Yan. I cooked my very first and proud tinola at the tender age of 7 with my mom’s help and prepared our lunch as well. All things up, my blog is all about that. A kilo of food added with a cup of life plus a teaspoon of music.

Finally, having my own style and interest. It was the year of 1996 when I was destined to be an illegitimate CaviteƱa. I started  to visualize new beginnings involving people, environment and curiosities. I may include that on my blog as well. I’m fascinated by the fact that this place is surrounded by water. Kulasa is always excited about the freshest seafood which she’s  still digging  it right now and never fails.


I heard this word first when my mom always yells at me whenever I play hide and seek during my younger years. Shouting “Kulasa”  is the que that I’ve got to go home or she’ll whip my ass with a stick. Surely it’s just training that before 6 p.m., I must be inside our house. My friends always laugh whenever my mom calls me that certain name until I got used to it. Once, she explained, my grandfather is the one who’s responsible about it. That word uttered first upon his mouth the first time he saw me. The story continues…..he had his great, great grandmother who has a large built, tall and brown-complexioned and possesses strength named as Kulasa. She’s used to chop woods everyday despite of her age of 95. He explains more.

Spotted the most gorgeous man in the whole world? Yep that's my grand dad LOLs!

A female counterpart of “Hercules” based on Visayan customary which they’ve heard upon with their ancestors. More of a metaphor, I guess. Although tagged with an unusual nickname, I feel blessed in some ways that I didn’t ever imagine in my dreams. Breaking my left arm last two years was quite a bizarre experience for me. Believe it or not, I was ready to go home the next day after the operation. In commute mode. The feeling was odd and got recovered for only a month.

I guess the point is we all have our weaknesses and just have to face it. It’s up to you if you gonna flare it with fashion or to attack with spear.