Alternative Baler - Late Post

There’s a place somewhere in North that offers wild and fancy waves ready for surfers to mingle the shores and kiss the sun. Travel Factor had its first Surf and Music Festival 2011 with a bang in Baler. I’m lucky enough to be one of participants and experienced Baler for the first time. I’ve expected only surf lessons and two nights of headbangin’ experience at the concert grounds but there were so much more. I mean more. I’m glad that Travel Factor is so organized although, some unexpected moments may occur but it’s okay.


Roundtrip Chartered Bus Transfers: Manila – Baler – Manila
3D / 2n accommodation
Surf & Music Festival 2011 Pass
1 Surf Lesson with Instruction and Board Rental
Daily Breakfast
Travel Factor ID and Bagtag
Surf & Music Festival 2011 Shirt
Tote Bag and Freebies from Sponsors
Welcome BBQ Lunch

 The Pass

Friday Night - It was almost 11:30 PM when we’re at the bus and waiting for 1 person who’s still on the way from his work and later, a couple of minutes more he came. Now we’re then headin’ for Baler. Slept. I woke up 5:00 AM and noticed that the bus stopped. We’ve spotted humongous dam somewhere there (Aurora proper) and the road is open for one vehicle at a time. One way. Slept again then afterwards I saw shores with big waves. Checked the assigned room by 8 in the morning and still slept. The trip is tiring. The bus kept on swerving, yeah, I felt that while sleeping. Me and my brother decided to check the place. We went strolling. We visited the public market, the church and the museum. Oh yeah, Museum de Baler. Did you know that Baler is Manuel L. Quezon’s birthplace? I didn’t know that until I visited Baler. Later, we had lunch and make friends. Saturday Night – The place at Aliya is now preparing for the concert grounds. We’ve jived the night away with DJ Nikki Rojas, DJ Joey Santos, Peter North, the cool Bee Eyes, Coffee Break Island, Tropical Depression and Franco. Cool!

The museum right in the heart of Sabang, Baler

Sunday Morning – Had our free brunch at 11:00 and went back to the room. We didn’t have the chance to have surf lessons, we’re late, so late. So were off to bayan and spotted the coolest Halo – halo in town. Its only 40.00 Php. We went back by just walking while chatting but just then ten more steps away from our room when we noticed the places we can go anywhere in Sabang for only 400.00 Php. We went to Cobra Reef, Dinaguisit Falls and Ermita Hills courtesy of Kuya and his reliable tricycle. Back at 5:00 and now preparing for the second event concert. We experienced DJ Joey Santos and DJ Nikki Rojas with cool alternative tunes for partying! Soju, Salamin, Jericho Rosales, Pedicab, Wolfgang and Spy. It was long and tiring night though it’s a blast!

 Cobra Reef

Dinaguisit Falls - "Busong" Inspired shot
Thanks bro!

Monday Morning – We didn’t participated the beach clean – up. Sorry for that but my conscience is clean, I never throwed even a single piece of my cigarette butts ANYWHERE in Baler. It’s all in my pocket. I do. We had a lunch and halo – halo again for the last time in Baler and prepared things before going home at 11:00. 2:00 Off to Manila but one of the bus had a flat tire somewhere in Cabanatuan. Got fixed for thirty minutes so the trip continues. We arrived in Manila at 11:00 PM. 3:00 AM – Cavite town proper. Yes, finally at home and again….slept.


Scream, Growl and Screech with Care

I wonder how metal vocalist prolongs their style of shouting. I, myself, do have sore throat with an overnight shouting in fancy mosh pit with bands raging in front. My first encounter with growl stuff is when I was in high school and I found out that it’s hard to digest. I admit that. Later, I heard Deftones “My Own Summer (Shove it)” and as well as their other screaming works. Suddenly I noticed that my day wouldn’t be complete with a dose of it. It also turned into lullaby whenever I’m stressed with whole day of CAT plus lots of school deadlines and delayed payment of my tuition fees resulting for not having my periodic exams. Almost.

I then heard CHEESE, they were called QUESO later but sadly they’re not workin’ now. Disbanded. They were also included in my diet. I’ve watched a short documentary yesterday on how to growl with care. I don’t wanna learn one but I am interested on how they handle their brutal and aggressive deep growling voice. I’m glad Ian Tayao is one of their interviewees. Others were Paolo Trinidad of Halmista and Jojo Book of Bloodshed. Would you believe that they have one in common? They don’t smoke. For real and do have in control and full discipline in order not to lose their growling ability. A full rocking goal as a genuine metal vocalist.

 Ian Tayao of Queso

So along with the interviews here comes along an ENT Specialist. Stated he that growling can make ones larynx sore and if not taken care immediately can cause nodules. Nodules occur when a person’s larynx is overused but can be removed surgically. One mentioned also is Melissa Cross’The Zen of Screaming. She had various clients like Coheed and Cambria! Sweet! Now, you can now have tutorials on how to growl effectively and with care. Got passion of growling?  Me, no.


The Pacquiao and Marquez Mayhem vs. Reel Steel

I was just jotting notes online and viewing co – blogger’s blog when suddenly Pacquiao and Marquez’s Fight last Sunday just popped in my mind. I am not a fan of sports and even boxing. Yet, I do cheer sometimes and even shout in excitement in front of television because my mom said so. I do remember when Tyson bit Holyfield’s ear as sort of what? I don’t know. Maybe he wants to chew something that time that’s why he digged it. Boxing is rough and tiring.

All of us are aware of Pacquiao’s strategies in the world of boxing. Several proofs there also are his famous celebs visiting him whenever he had sessions with Roach in the Wildcard place. I admit that his fight is lame last Sunday but who cares anyway? At least he survived and still retained his title. Let us all be thankful that they finished the fight safe and furioused? Kidding aside, I don’t care how Mexicans showed their nasty hand signs after the fight. It is still their privilege, I assume and I respect that. I guess that’s the whole essence of the sport, there’s a looser and there’s a winner. That’s all.


Annoyed much, I even enjoyed more when my hubby told me watch “Reel Steel”. It was quite an awakening for me. You, me and everyone in this world have to face reality. Most often we get lost in the fight which we are eager to win. Still we end up as a looser. The subject here is not about losing but how you faced the fears and enemies and how to get one’s dignity as a result of a wise move. How about that? Good thing he got his son dancing with Adom. It brings the child out in his heart as well as mine too and with my hubby’s. Look at every child’s vision, even if they comment in nonsense or funny adlibs, for sure they have meanings an adult like us can observe and have lessons from it.  

Mabuhay ang Pilipino!


A Visit at Taal Volcano and The People Around It

After agreeing with my friend’s recommendation, we finally said yes and ready to roam this tourist spot. Ruben is a dedicated Batangueño from Talisay, Batangas. He always goofs us that we can reach that active volcano just by canoeing. Well, that is if we are courageous enough. Taal Volcano is one of the main attractions in Tagaytay. You can even notice several establishments existing there and still counting as it glorifies its scenic view. 

Itinerary Report:
Van rental from Cavite to Talisay, Batangas          P 2,500.00
Pump Boat rental going to Taal Volcano                 1,500.00
TouristGuide                                             500.00
Entrance Fee P 50/head x5                                250.00
                                                     P 4,750.00

The trip started at 2 am and arrived Talisay nearly 4am. We didn’t have a chance to drop by at Tagaytay’s public market because Ruben didn’t notice it and blaming the fogs as well. Forty – five minutes of coffee break at Pintor Residence (Salamat Ruben!) then were heading at his uncle’s house for fresh tilapia right straight from the fish cage. That was exactly 5 am.

Going back at Pintor’s residence, fish dropped by and cooked. We are now going to pump boat’s station and heading now at Taal Volcano. Riding inquisitively, a continuous gush of air at our face keeps on rushing. Cool!. It was eight o’clock when we had our first step in the shores of Taal. A representative told us a short briefing about payables plus he offered us a horseback ride of P500/head. We still prefer to walk, we love pain. We reached the crater for an hour. Bring water if you can because you won’t believe the prices up there. Sight – seeing while air gasping can be done at the Taal’s crater. Magnificent views await you. It’s nearly 11 noon and were bound to go back to Talisay and by 12 exactly we dig lunch. By 2 in the afternoon we’re set to go home, tired but full of inspiration.

 The Crater Itself

 Fifty - pesos each

Now, back to normal.


Top Ten Alternative Movie List by Kulasa

Okay so here’s the few info why I choose this movies as my alternative list. It was 1979 when I was born in the year of the goat. I’m a Gemini and I enjoy all sorts of adventure as long as I can handle. I wasn’t privileged enough to watch some of the movies because I was a minor then. Now, as piracy invades everything, I managed to watch some of it and treat myself. Along with these, I choose these movies because of its awesome alternative soundtrack. You may just can’t get enough of it after hearing one and oh yes, watching it.

The Virgin Suicides 
(Directed by: Sofia Coppola, 1999)

This is the story of five doomed sisters (the Lisbons) who committed suicide. The movie is set in Michigan during 1970’s. The Virgin Suicides showcases the feelings of young and beautiful girls who want to explore more knowing the fact that there are several ‘adam’ beyond their grasp while adoring them. Still they were all miserable under the strict commands of their parents. I really feel sorry for them.

Natural Born Killers 
(Directed by: Oliver Stone, 1994)

I was almost stumbled and found out that doing cartwheels wasn’t really in my nerves then when I started to watch this. I had a bad headache after watching it.
Mickey and Mallory were victims of traumatic childhood. They fell in love the first time they saw each other and felt like there’s nobody can stop them. They became psychopathic serial killers. The movie shows all the killing spree Mickey and Mallory did and it was surprisingly glorified by mass media. The movie delivers crime, drama and romance plus elements of black comedy. Why black comedy? Actually, I really don’t know but there are scenes in here in the setting of a regular comedy tv show which in the end, they killed everybody. The graphic contents were really savaging as if like there’s no more tomorrow.

Pulp Fiction 
(by Quentin Tarantino, 1994)

The movie has seven sequences and it is not in chronological order. Surprisingly, it started at the diner and later on, the show is just getting started. Everything is delivered in ravaging art of cinematography. You’ll never get bored while watching this. My bet is when Mia Wallace (Uma Thurman) is O.D.in and Vincent Vega (John Travolta) is ready to give her an adrenalin shot right thru her heart to save her. By the way, Samuel Jackson got something nice to say…..”The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy My brothers. And you will know My name is the Lord when I lay My vengeance upon thee.”

Cruel Intentions 
(Roger Kumble, 1999)

It is all about the bet of two step – siblings. Kathryn bets Sebastian that if he won’t able to bed Annette then she will get Sebastian’s Jaguar but if Sebastian wins, he will get Kathryn. Sebastian played by Ryann Philippe who  is a happy – go – lucky type of guy which treats the opposite sex like clothing. Annette, on the other hand is a virgin who wants to wait true love. What will Sebastian and Annette’s chemistry then?
The Blair Witch Project 
(Daniel Myrick, Eduardo Sánchez 1999)

Honestly, I got nightmares after seeing this flick. The story of three film students that are about to discover the urban legend Blair Witch. They happen to hike the Black Hills near Burkittsville, Maryland and unfortunately they never returned.

Jackass The Movie 
(Jeff Tremaine, 2002)

It all started when I watched these guys ten years ago in MTV Channel. Johnny Knoxville and friends wander from Japan with their Panda Costumes and most of their funny stunts all packed in this movie. Check out The Omelette made by Dave England! J J

Kill Bill 
(Quentin Tarantino, 2003)
The bride who played by Uma Thurman was now in conscious after a long coma. After gasping for an air, she touched her belly but her baby is gone. One thing is now running to her mind now, revenge. Titled as Black Mamba in her former group, Uma is now planning to terminate the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad by assassinating each one with vengeance and flare.

(Mark Neveldine, Brian Taylor 2006)

Chev Chelios is a British hitman that is poisoned by his opponent Carlito. He advised him to keep his adrenaline rushing constantly to keep him alive. So what’s in here to keep his adrenaline flowing activities? Find out more with this heart – pounding movie together with her girlfriend Eve.

Marie Antoinette 
(by Sofia Coppola, 2006)
This is the biography of Marie Antoinette, France’s ill – fated queen. She was married at the tender age of 14. Her life is no simple as it seems. Being a queen at the age of 19 making her deprived of teenage life. Her better half, Louis – Auguste, Dauphin of France, has been very busy with his community obligations making Marie Antoinette tastes the desires of adultery.

Death Proof 
(Directed by: Quentin Tarantino, 2007)
Now let me see some mind games in here…Death Proof will introduce you to two different group of girls. The first group likes wine and party while the other group likes guns and cars. Despite of differences, they all have one in common. They are all stalked by Kurt Russell, a scarred stuntman who has his own ‘death proof’ car. The rest is astonishingly organized by Tarantino. Bravura!


Franco - The Sound of Four Local Alternative Bands in One

I admit that I miss those NU 107 days. This local radio station proved that there are many local talents in the alternative stream are making noise of their own. However, like the old saying goes, “some good things never last”. NU did its farewell with flare last November 7, 2010 with ravishing local rock bands on the side. I’m sad.

The Baler experience was good made by Travel Factor. I’m proud because I’m one of the participants and reminisce the good old days. Along the way to Aurora, my brother introduced me to Franco. No, he’s not a guy but a band composed of five guys from four different bands. Franco is their front man.

Franco Reyes – Vocals/Guitars (2009–present) from In Yo
Gabby Alipe – Guitars, Backing vocals (2009–present) from Urbandub
Paolo Toleran – Guitars (2009–present)from Queso (This is Cheese when I heard them first)
Buwi Meneses – Bass Guitar (2009–present)from Parokya ni Edgar
JanJan Mendoza – Drums (2009–present)from Urbandub


Honestly, I didn’t know them until my brother told me about them. Embarrassingly insane but at least I admit it! Thanks to the ever reliable Google, I know them more. Franco’s music has been in the alternative scene since 2009. It has the fusion of reggae pounding sound plus the alternative rock incorporating Rastafarian messages…the spiritual use of marijuana.

Okay, so where were you when Franco dominated the 2010 NU Rock Awards? Me, I’m probably learning Windows XP Moviemaker interface. LOLS. They gathered the trophies for Artist of the Year, Song of the Year “This Gathering”, Album of the Year and Listener’s Choice Award. The band really kicked off the scene when they played “Touch the Sky” that night. And oh! Lovin’ the most talk – about hand sign originally done by Franco. Legalizing marijuana as we all know have different and serious issues in our society but everyone is entitled for the freedom of expression. The decision is made by you, yourself and no one else. Franco’s here to tell you to free your mind….

Jeez! Lovin' Franco!

You can check their gig postings here and I believe this is their true fan page since they posted fresh pics from Baler. Are you lovin’ Franco?