A Certified Christa Collins Fan

It was Tuesday night and I’m waiting for my favorite primetime show but still it was about 45 minutes more to wait. Scanning the usual television channels, I’m stucked with The X-Factor USA. I think it was just a regular singing reality show that picks the most eligible contestant pricked with many controversies. Well, forty-five more minutes to go so why not watch this one. I’ve noticed that it was just an audition so there are more fresh talents to see. I’m interested enough when I saw this black guy singing a piece from Boyz II Men, I guess, and so on and so forth. Later, I noticed this woman standing in front of Enrique Iglesias and Nichole Scherzinger (whom to be her judge for that day). Her name is Christa Collins.

Christa Collins mentioned that she is the first child solo artist signed in the Disney Records. She was only ten years old then and that is pretty tough for her. Two minutes of performance in spotlight and the rest is eighteen hours of hard labor. She quitted her fame and lifestyle at the age of 16. She admits that it was the biggest mistake of her life. During those times, she’s not the typical Britney Spears or Christina Aguillera hippy. She got a style that caught my eyes and I admired most. She sang No Surprises which is originally from Radiohead. I liked Enrique’s expression when Christa expressed her emotions thru that song. After all this time, I still feel my heartbeat and goose bumps occur alternately whenever I hear her. Hmmm…maybe because I really liked the song.

Unfortunately Christa didn’t make it. Some said that Nicole voted her out and didn’t like her performance and that is reversed with Enrique’s view. Still, Christa’s personality is one in a million. Not all people will recognize her abilities and ways of thinking but still I’m one of her biggest fan.

Suddenly, my fav primetime show popped in my mind and when I scanned channels again, it’s on the run! Lucky for me I’ve watched them both!


The Halloween Special

Halloween is here again. It will only take 36 more busy days to feel creepy while hanging out with friends and family. Here in Philippines, Halloween is also known as “Undas”. In urban areas, Halloween parties are scattered along every corners of the streets. Flaring with the Halloween costumes, children do trick-or-treat with neighbors keeping the Halloween spirit alive. Mostly, some are visiting their departed loved ones to offer prayers and go home. Some arrange a Halloween getaway where they prefer ghost-hunting and stuffs like crazy pranks and watching horror movies.

What was that? You wanna get creepy right now? LOL…hmmm kidding aside, As usual Kulasa has been browsing for the coolest, I mean, Halloween games to play that’s enough to fill you with goose bumps. Kulasa and her son have played it already.

Sinthai’s The House is a flash oriented game where solving mystery is done by point-and-click strategy released way back 2005. It is similar with NFH Propaganda and 99 Rooms but I liked this more. The House was created by Sinthai Boonmaitree (xin) originally from Bangkok, Thailand. Then there’s the House 2 (2010) and The Halloween Special. This is a story of a family who committed suicide and the rest will be revealed by clicking anywhere in the screen. Along with the sound, animation and exact timing makes the game interesting and enough to give you creeps. I suggest to play the game late at night, off lights and with earphones on. I really liked it when I hear the manic piano playing all over again. Why not try the game and boost your clicking skills with a bit of fear factor on the side?

The House

The House 2

The Halloween Special

You can also visit The Special Room and check their facebook fan page: http://www.facebook.com/thehousefans

Domino’s Pizza Japan – In Moon?

Mr. Scott K. Oelkers, the president of Domino’s Pizza Japan, announces their very ambitious plan of having a pizza parlor outlet to be constructed in moon. The president wears a full spacesuit with a unique Domino’s Pizza patch while holding a huge image of the proposed Moon Branch Project in their advertisement. He speaks in English while having a Japanese subtitles at the bottom stating its outlines and primary goals. The required funding reportedly amounts to 1.6 trillion yen or $ 21 billion dollars.

Domino’s Pizza Japan has been fond of fun stunts to celebrate its anniversary. On its 25th year the company offers a “Pizza Tracking Show” where they invited online pizza specials enthusiast to join and see the progress of their pizza to be delivered in real time. There’s also a promo where all babies born last year on September 25, the exact date the first Domino’s Pizza opened in Japan, will have their free pizza until the age of 25. It is very impressive right? I do admire Japanese’s wittiness in all aspects but what’s next for having an outlet in the moon? Are you wondering if how they gonna deliver the pizza for just 30 minutes? That is simply remains to be seen…

The proposed building of Domino's Pizza Japan

So believe in your dreams and be courageous enough! Check their website for further discussions involving the moon branch updates Domino's Pizza Japan

Frances Bean Cobain – Gearing Up for the Spotlight

It’s been 2o years when Nirvana’s first album Nevermind crashed the radio frequencies. The great Kurt Cobain and his better half Courtney Love surprisingly had only one child. No doubt about the reason blaming that Cobain died at the peak of his grunge era. Despite of the fans mourning upon his death together with Love and the band mates, there is only one person still standing. She’s now making small steps in the limelight with a smart Cobainy vengeance, Frances Bean Cobain.

Having an impression by her father that looks like a kidney bean in ultrasounds, Frances Bean was born August 18, 1992. She is now 19 years old. Her name resembles the singer/guitarist of the band Vaseline named Frances Mckee which is greatly adored by her parents.

Kidney bean no more- Frances Bean strikes in dark look with sharp yet voluptuous eye looks and a series of black ink tattooed in her body. At her back is her philosophy “art is the solution to chaos” which probably makes sense. She also posed for Rocky Shenk and do back-up vocals an unusual indie band Evelyn Evelyn as well as an intern at Rolling Stones way back the summer of 2008.

Unfortunately, France Bean has a shaky relationship with her mom. 2009 when she was taken under the custody of her mom, Love. Now, she is under Cobain’s mother and sister in order to protect the teen’s privacy. The girl remained mum about the issue and whenever she’s asked about her mom, her answer is “irrelevant to work”.

Photo Credits by Hedi Slimane.

Rakenrol Fever

It takes about one hundred and sixty-eight more hours to go to see Rakenrol in leading cinemas around the metro. Rakenrol, story of group of friends with their own ideas shared, forming a band and experienced ups and downs. Like most of you, today’s genre seems to be far more freakin’ courageous than others and surprisingly dominating the next batch. The funny thing is how you will handle it. Life is tough while love is rough. Experience Rakenrol domination with Hapipaks and Jacci Rocha’s group as they rock the movie houses on September 21, 2011.

Image Source taken by their respective fan page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Rakenrol/123065354435475

Directed by the genius himself Quark Henares this flick will definitely describe angst in a very hilarious way. With the promising and dreamy role made by Mr. Ramon Bautista and a bunch of guys and gal namely Glaiza de Castro, Jason Abalos, Diether Ocampo, Ketchup Eusebio, Alwyn Uytingco, Rakenrol deserves to be shown nationwide. By the way, with my favorite, Jun Sabayton who’s also visible in the film, youth-oriented themed indipendent film will never be the same again.

In fact, they’re giving away movie tickets for the lucky rakista to watch this once in a lifetime movie. Just go and like the Rakenrol  page site at facebook , from there they have questions to be answered and an email provided for the submisson of entries. Go visit http://www.facebook.com/pages/Rakenrol/123065354435475 for additional info. Rakenrol!!!!


Pinoy Rock Talents to Flourish in Tanduay Rhum Rockfest 2011

Hailed as Rhum Rockfest! Year V, Tanduay lined-up the best bands ever in the Philippine music scene. This event has been continuously successful for the third time. Celebrated every month of October, Tanduay’s aim is to support the Original Pilipino Music with its partner, the Organisasyon ng Pilipinong Mang-aawit. Both are working to establish the future generation to keep on writing original music promoting our country’s story and society.

The event has just been blaringly bigger than before for they’re gonna be having tours in 30 cities across the country. Tickets will be available buy just buying 3 bottles of either Tanduay Rhum 5 years 750 ml or T5 Light 700 ml. Exchange the qualified caps at the participating convenient stores of Ministop and 7Eleven.

Starting it off with finest line-up of Pinoy rock bands ever made in the local music history are Sandwich, Kamikazee, Chicosci, Parokya ni Edgar and Wolfgang, completes the league called THE FIRST FIVE. These will take place at SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds on October 14. It will start from 5:00pm until the sun rises the next day. Tanduay Rhum Rockfest 2011 will showcase 30 popular bands that will render all rock genre – from metal to emo, classic to pop – rock, name it, they have it.

Plus, Warner Music Philippines and Tanduay Rhum will about to release Rico Blanco’s single “Ngayon” which is one of the Tanduay’s commercial soundtrack. Rico’s single is in CD compilation together with other OPM rock bands that will only be available on Tanduay Rhum Rockfest 2011 on October 14.



Kulasa Interacts With BC Bloggers

A dear friend of mine introduces me in the world of blogging. I admit that I’m still at the stage of familiarization and still catching up new things with other fellow bloggers. Now, this is the Kulasa approach I’m talking about hmmm, kidding aside. Link exchange is one factor that benefits every bloggers. It contributes a lot in the world of blogging.

As a neophyte, I think that having more backlinks in your blog means having more blogger friends too. BC Bloggers Secret gave me an opportunity to make one. You may also think that starting a blog is not that easy especially if you’re still confused with the right track you want to follow with. Well, you are not alone. Everything starts as minute as you can imagine. Hard work, perseverance and inspiration make everything go in smooth. That’s why I’m excited to be with BC Bloggers Secret.

So if you’re a blogger or just plain me with a capital E for efficiency, join BC Bloggers Secret to encounter the rewards of link building and make more friends!


Fabulous Stars Who Rocks and Their Fabulous Real Names

Names were given to us by our parents to have an individual and personal impression. As for others, some people doesn't like their names and if they are privileged enough, they can change names and sort it out legally. In the music scene, most artists prefer to have stage names in order to have an identity and it is included as an artist in full packaging. Packaging is literally known as the whole image of an artist. From the style they make and the music itself tells their name respectively.

The artists below do have in common but before that, let’s cognize names of the famous rock stars and their real names.

Real Name – Chaim Weitz
Are you a fan of loud screeching, guitar headbangin’ hard rock tunes with smokey stage settings and pyrotechnics on the side while performing? Well that’s Kiss playing it hard and bold. According to Mr. Cham Weitz, his make – up and costumes derives from a comic book – style character which is The Demon. It reflects Mr. Weitz dark sense of humor and cynicism.

Real Name – Paul David Hewson
Bono’s voice is unconquerably famous and still being heard in the music scene for over thirty years. He received various awards for being named as the most politically effective of all time by the National Journal. He wrote the music, together with The Edge, for the Broadway musical “Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark”. Dated 25th of May 2011, they released the single Rise Above: Reeve Carney featuring Bono and The Edge.

Real Name – Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner
Sting got a marvelous name knowing the fact that he’s an English musician. He first appeared as the main songwriter, lead vocals and bassist in the rock band The Police.  Mr. Sumners tunes has a variety of new age, classical, reggae and jazz. He received his first Grammy as for Best Rock Instrumental Performance in 1981. Sting is included as a member in Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Songwriters Hall of Fame for his genius works.

Real Name – Reginald Kenneth Dwight
Also known as Sir Elton Hercules John, a singer – composer, pianist and an occasional actor. He collaborated with some of the music artist in the industry and produced more than 30 albums up to this very date. His original composition as single “Candle in the Wind” made 33 millions of copies and sold worldwide. Making it as one of the 250 million records in his four – decade career in the industry. In the year 2008, the Billboard magazine ranked Sir Elton John as one of the most successful male solo artist on “The Billboard Hot 100 Top All – Time Artists”.

Real Name  – Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr.
I bet you know Snoop Dogg as a scrupulous marijuana activist. He’s been in the hot seat for drug – related issues for the past years, making him legally banned in UK and Australia. Snoop Dogg made several top notching albums as well as establishing his own name and style. September 2009 when Snoop was hired by EMI as the chairman of the reactivated Priority Records.

Real Name – Shawn Corey Carter
For having a net worth of over $450 million by 2010, he is considered as one of the most financially successful hip – hop artist in the United States of America. He owns the 40/40 Club, part owner of the NBA’s New Jersey Nets. Jay – Z is also the fashionable creator of the line Rocawear.

Real Name – Marshal Bruce Mathers III
Marshal voiced out that he is influenced by Big Daddy Kane, Masta Ace, The Beastie Boys, Dr. Dre, Nas, Ice – T, and Tupac Shakur. Slim Shady has been in the mainstream as American rapper and actor, songwriter and record producer. He is one of the best – selling artist in 2000’s and has been ranked as the greatest artist of all time. Together with his manager, he found his own record label, Shady Records and also has his own radio channel, Shade 45. He showed his first acting role in the movie 8 Mile where he won the Academy Award for Best Original Song.

Real Name – Robert James “BOB” Ritchie
You’ve probably heard him first in the radio waves way back 1998 with his hits “Bawitdaba”, Cowboy, and Only God Knows Why” which made him nominated five times in Grammy’s. Devil Without A Cause sold 11 million albums which is released by Atlantic Records. His style showcases Midwest hip – hop and heavy metal to country rock and rap rock.

Real Name – Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta
You’ve probably seen her in her first fancy slash provocative video in his debut single Poker Face. Lady gaga has been in active the music scene for quite some time. She writes and arranges songs for several artist naming Britney Spears, Fergie, Pussycat Dolls. She adored Freddie Mercury very much and the song titled Radio Gaga which is made by the band. This is where her screen name inspired of and the rest is a history.


All of the artists above do have one in common aside from their fabulous real names. They’re gonna be performing live at stage at “A Decade of Difference: A Concert Celebrating 10 Years of the William J. Clinton on 15th of October. That’s only happening only at Yahoo!

Click here to watch the much awaited A Decade of Difference Concert
You can also visit its facebook page!


Acthung Baby Rewind

U2 has been both in mainstream and underground scene in the music industry for more than 20 years. I heard them first when I was at 3rd grade and my Aunties were singing the same old tune “In the name of Love”. U2’s music punked me enough because they made tunes that are fresh in my ears. That was during my younger years and never focused on anything except playing “syato”. Later, U2 was included in the Batman Forever soundtrack titled “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me”. I was in my high school days and I tried to save some peso to watch this flick. Do you remember the thrills whenever there’s a superhero animation turned into movie? I do but my main concern is the soundtrack. I can’t even believe it when Bono and The Edge have an interview in MTV and admit that the soundtrack included in the Batman Forever Soundtrack was made from scratch. Recycled.

The band consists of Bono for vocals and guitars, The Edge for vocals, guitars and keyboards, Adam Clayton for bass guitar and Larry Mullen, Jr. for the drums and percussions. They’ve released several albums including The Joshua Tree (my favorite), Achtung Baby, How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb and several more. No doubt that they are one of the icons in the music industry that still continue to pay tribute in the world beside of being aware with sociopolitical concerns.

Image Source: http://bit.ly/rog9My

Now, U2 is releasing an anniversary edition of Achtung Baby which is originally emancipated 20 years ago. It will be out on 31st of October 2011. Achtung Baby won the Best Rock Performance Category at Grammy’s and became a compelling record of 1990’s. The stuff includes documentary footages, b – sides, videos and remixes. As a dear fan, of course I want to have some of these stuff but sadly it is only for US and UK only……sniff…

Check out http://www.u2.com/news/title/achtung-baby-track-listing-revealed for the U2’s reissued album and list of songs awaits you to be reminisced.