Pastrana and His Allies at Nitro Circus

Seriously, we don’t have a cable tv so I just spent my time by scanning local tv channels and surprising myself whenever I catch new one that I like. It was like 4 weeks ago when its 23:00 hours and nearly fell asleep when I scrutinized Nitro Circus at Studio23. Johnny Knoxville introduced Nitro Circus and even more surprised when he, Jeff Tremaine and Trip Taylor created it. Knowing that they’re the ones responsible in Jackass Movies and Tv Series streamed by MTV.

Nitro Circus started at early 2009 and launched several episodes. They do various of dirt biking stunts and couple of fascinating eye-crashing rumbles that may require from mini 2-wheel drive to monstrous everything-armed 4-wheel drive. Bam Margera, Jhonny Knoxville as well as Jeff Tremaine also had their several exposures in some of their stunts in their ill-fated hobbies.

The crew consists of:

Travis Pastrana
Title: Pro action sports athlete

Jolene Van Vugt
Title: Pro moto cross racer

Jim DeChamp
Title: Pro mountain biker

Andy Bell
Title: Washed-up motorcycle rider

Erik Roner
Title: Pro skier/base jumper

Tommy Passemante
Title: Construction worker

Greg Powell
Title: Travis' cousin

Later 2010, one of the cast member Jim DeChamp mentioned in his facebook profile that MTV cancelled the show. Still with their witty works, Greg Powell suggested to make a movie instead. So on with the crew  made head bangin’ stunts at their DVD Releases Season 1 and Season 2.

I told my hubby about this and my son becomes a regular viewer too. Too bad it's too late to watch at night but we really have a talk that he needs to wake up early to go to school. Oh by the way, this is way how the Nitro Circus crew go to school.

Check the page for their regular updates. ;)


Hey Daydreamer!

There was this television ad that catched my attention not because of the product but rather the song played whenever this guy diggin’ ice cream. As he peels off the ice cream tag the tune kept on playing and stopped as this curly haired guy interrupts. Suddenly she glanced at the girl sitting right next to him. Doing all same the way he does. Hey Daydreamer! As the ad continued and he gulped cynically and made couple of glance while the girl smiles at him.

This tv ad has been in the prime time slot for almost a year if I’m not mistaken. Assumingly, I watched it for over a hundred times but it never stressed me. Choosing the right theme song in an advertisement could contribute an optimistic feedback to viewers. Believe it or not between the ratio of viewing this ad is equal with the number of hearing it all over again in my crib. Repetitions of k-i-s-s-i-n-g, oh you could just pretend, hey daydreamers were all staggeringly sang by my son, Avi. We spend lots of laugh and then we’ll sing together all day with a lot of lyric confusions. Good promotion.
Hey Daydreamer
Original Lyrics by: Somedaydream 

Oh you could just pretend to be with her all day
Remember the feeling when you first held hands today
Imagine her in your favorite white dress
Smiling at you as if she thinks that you’re the best
She tell you You and me, sitting on a tree,
K-I-S-S-I-N-G. You tell her
Baby hear me out will you marry me tonight
We’re in this make believe reality
And baby it’s just you and me

Coz when tonight she holds you tight
You wonder if this fantasy is right
Coz when reality comes to play
You realize you couldn’t make her stay

Hey Daydreamer
You gotta be prepared to leave her in your fantasy
Coz when it’s over, you gotta make sure 
that it’s you who’ll be with her

Oh you could be her soldier, her knight in shining armor
I’m sure you wanna make her feel how much you love her
And you wish to God that she can see the world in your eyes
So she can realize that she’s the girl in your mind
And you don’t mind if you don’t make it out alive
Coz you knew right from the start that she’s such a boy killer
(I’m dying, I’m dying~yeah)

Coz when tonight she holds you tight
You wonder if this fantasy is right
Coz when reality comes to play
You realize you couldn’t make her stay

Hey Daydreamer
You gotta be prepared to leave her in your fantasy
Coz when it’s over, you gotta make sure
that it’s you who’ll be with her

And I couldn’t believe we’re dreaming
I couldn’t believe we’re leaving this world
For one with more fantasy, just you and me
So that tonight we both can finally be

Behind this positive commotion is an Atenista named Rez Toledo. Armed with synthesizer, he’s into Pinoy Electro Pop which is all by himself – known as Somedaydream. He is currently managed by Hail frontman Champ Lui Pio who also made name under the music industry. I really admire those people who are aware about independent artist struggles and both helping hand in hand at the same time. Good job. You can check his facebook page and see his status as the youngsters hailed him a new chrush (Yep, he’s a good lookin lad).
Yes, without further ado, here’s Somedaydream early 2012 Gig Sched:


Original Pilipino Techno Music

Yes, we do have OPM bands who jive into this kind of music. Techno means electronic dance music but I talk about not the mainstream. At first you may think what may they really sound like but worry no more because they’ve been flourishing underground. Think Pedicab. They sound like so alternative to me when I heard them rockin’ the radio waves and even more when they’re performing live. I have list wherein I begin to experience their tunes more and for sure you are about to want them more. Were planning to see some of them this coming February (hopefully, not to get confused with our sched) and experience OPTM more.

Turbo Goth
Sure they do it electronically in rock! Turbo Goth is only occupied by Sonic Experimentalist, Paolo Peralta (on guitars, drum beats, and electronic sampler) and Tattoo Artist/Freelance Illustrator/Model, Sarah Gaugler (on lead vocals). They’ve been in the scene since 2008. Recently, I watched a video from them which they cover “Army of me” by Bjork at Eat Your beets event held at B-side. They’re tunes influenced by Radiohead, Daft Punk, Bjork and Muse will make you guess how they perform in front of you. Watch Paolo as he slam along the stage and feel his passion together with Sarah. Digest it.

Taken by Cars
I can’t even believe that they’re true blooded Filipino when I heard them. You might just go and sing with their compositions and I thank their producers for having courageous spot in their hearts to make them in the spot. Thank you. Taken by Cars composed of Sarah Marco (Vocals), Bryce Zialcita (Guitars), Isa Garcia (Bass/Synths/Vocals), Siopao Chua (Guitars/Synths/Vocals) and Bryan Kong (Drums/Synths/Sampler) beautifully creates sounds with infectiously – dance friendly and crafted as a new brand of indie rock.

Techy Romantics
Now this band got a touch of perfect electronic and melancholy fusion. Sweetness as is, the way I like them more. I remembered a tune from Everything but the girl creation. That was quite some time. Turns back time at a glance. Thanks guys. You make the world turn around with ease. Felt by gasping a breath and literally say “I’m loved and I’m really thankful!”

Yeah, they do it always in hardcore, almost. I even love to play their first album “Identity Theft” which was released in 2008 and now 2012, the tunes still lingers in my ears. Beng Calma’s voice is such a girl power plus the genius works of Malek Lopez and Ian Magbanua a.k.a. Morse who’s behind the lappy doing beats and programming. Completing the groups groove is the turntablist Caliph8. They’ve been in the scene since 2002. I guess words can’t really express how much gratitude I feel whenever I hear them. Certainly there’s something’s more. How about you? Digs.

Vince Noir Project
Now this is really something new but unfavorably I disagree the fact that this group is disbanded according to my ever reliable source. Allessandra who’s in vocals have a really sexy voice that snags you even me. Well thanks for including color in the world of Pilipino Music. They describe their tunes like one helluva psychedelic/electro/indie rock.

I hope that we continue to endorse our local talents as well as diggin’ underground. If you want to get a life then this is a perfect start or if it’s not then how do you deal with it? Long live the OPTM! 


Sucker Punch New Year Welcomes Me

Three days before welcoming 2012 states in the local news that my birth year’s gonna have a blast this 2012. I’m sticking to it hopefully, LOLS. Everything happens for a reason and because it’s complicated I don’t bother asking why. All work and no play make Karen a dull girl. I treat myself the first year’s day with watching good ol’ movies showed last year.

Sucker Punch intrigued me. It is like Martin Scorcece’s Shutter Island who starred Leonardo DiCaprio the difference is they are all girls inside the mental institution. Babydoll played by Emily Browning is about to be institutionalized by her stepfather at the Lennox House for the Mentally Insane.
After her mother and sister’s death, she was the one to be blamed according to her stepfather because of insanity. As she was introduced to her new ‘home’, the scene was about Babydoll getting lobotomized. As me wondering why, the institution changed into a mobster where the girls are treated as high class dancers and you know what I mean. As she dances, she imagines the other world and prepares to escape as well as her four other friends. There she met the Wise Man. He told the girls to get five things in order for them to escape whom where they are now. Assumingly, they are all persistent to get it but unfortunately three of her friends were killed naming Amber (Jamie Chung), Blondie (Vanessa Hudgens), Rocket (Jena Malone). Desperate to escape, Babydoll instructed Sweet Pea (Abbie Cornish) to manage herself to go as she mesmerize the guys roaming at parking lot. The scene got backed when Babydoll is about to lobotomized and it was a success. She is now dull and looked like her name, Babydoll.

Babydoll, Blondie, Sweet Pea, Amber and Rocket

Movies like these are giving the audience what is like to be in there. After all, the viewer will pick its own idea beyond his wide array of musings and imagination. I say that the movie was quite poorly written but went plus on its visuals and the soundtrack, overall, I liked it.