Pastrana and His Allies at Nitro Circus

Seriously, we don’t have a cable tv so I just spent my time by scanning local tv channels and surprising myself whenever I catch new one that I like. It was like 4 weeks ago when its 23:00 hours and nearly fell asleep when I scrutinized Nitro Circus at Studio23. Johnny Knoxville introduced Nitro Circus and even more surprised when he, Jeff Tremaine and Trip Taylor created it. Knowing that they’re the ones responsible in Jackass Movies and Tv Series streamed by MTV.

Nitro Circus started at early 2009 and launched several episodes. They do various of dirt biking stunts and couple of fascinating eye-crashing rumbles that may require from mini 2-wheel drive to monstrous everything-armed 4-wheel drive. Bam Margera, Jhonny Knoxville as well as Jeff Tremaine also had their several exposures in some of their stunts in their ill-fated hobbies.

The crew consists of:

Travis Pastrana
Title: Pro action sports athlete

Jolene Van Vugt
Title: Pro moto cross racer

Jim DeChamp
Title: Pro mountain biker

Andy Bell
Title: Washed-up motorcycle rider

Erik Roner
Title: Pro skier/base jumper

Tommy Passemante
Title: Construction worker

Greg Powell
Title: Travis' cousin

Later 2010, one of the cast member Jim DeChamp mentioned in his facebook profile that MTV cancelled the show. Still with their witty works, Greg Powell suggested to make a movie instead. So on with the crew  made head bangin’ stunts at their DVD Releases Season 1 and Season 2.

I told my hubby about this and my son becomes a regular viewer too. Too bad it's too late to watch at night but we really have a talk that he needs to wake up early to go to school. Oh by the way, this is way how the Nitro Circus crew go to school.

Check the page for their regular updates. ;)

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