Battling Tetris

I played Tetris during late 1990’s in Famicom by Nintendo. I admit that I go home late just playing Tetris at the local Famicom rentals elsewhere. Later, I noticed Tetris in a handy Brick Game. It comes in different colours, easy to hold moldings, user friendly interface, with built – in - sound and it is operated only by 2 pcs. of double A batteries. Cool! You can play it by an easy and hard game mode and nothing else. The game is consists of 7 different tiles which needs to form a line and your score is now counted by the lines you make. As you target the line quota it adds level and speed gradually and continue to prove that you’re the best; the one who can diminish lines as fast as possible then both of the speed and level goes back to zero. It was quite simple during those days playing the hard and easy mode. Until I noticed that my friend did have a 12 – in – 1 Brick Game! I was like, Uhh…was that possible?! Twelve different games in one then it had versions with 50 – in – 1, 100 – in – 1, 200 – in – 1….so on and so forth… My fascination with Tetris lasts until I graduated high school. Then my son had one during 2005.

Early last year, Tetris became a viral game in facebook. The thrill is you have an opponent online which you can play with until your battery runs out. Every time you sent clear up the lines, it will be send to your opponent’s window; making your opponent to diminish the lines fast. The higher the lines sent, the better. This game has some technicalities for you to improve yourself while beating the opponent like:
  • Earning Tetris Cash and Coins while playing and Upgrade your account.
  • Dress your tiles up for those who want a fresh start.
  • Tetris also offers you to earn Tetris Cash by completing tasks.
  • Tips and tricks so that you won’t be left behind.
  • You can also go have a battle at the arena with 5 other Tetris Players online and make friends. 
I believe that I spent 2 day writing this blog because I can’t get enough playing Tetris. Thank you, Alexey Pajitnov of the Soviet Union. He’s all responsible for these. Some research stated that continuous Tetris playing have good effects in brain including:
  • The players become more proficient, indicating more efficient brain activity for a task.
  • Along with greater cerebral energy consumption, the brain function and activity increases.
  • It boosts general cognitive functions such as "critical thinking, reasoning, language and processing" and increases cerebral cortex thickness.
  • Reduce the flashbacks experienced in posttraumatic stress disorder in some cases.
The question is will it be played forever? Hmmm…Remains to be seen. You can add ME and let the battle begin.


  1. super nakakaadik ang tetris..hehe..it made me so late..:)

  2. Yeah! I can't even make another article just by playing Tetris lols. Thanks for the comment. ;)