International Women’s Day Tribute

Mark the date 8th of the current month; the world celebrates the day to honour women of all regions. It celebrates respect, love and appreciation to the female gender beyond its contribution to political, social and economical achievements. Thus, you can hardly believe what the world would be without the prejudice only a woman can give over. I just noticed it when I checked my friends in my social networking sites stream greetings the whole day. How would everyone depict a woman’s experience that is rejected nor obliterated with a sudden commotion? Neither can’t I express my answers. Everyone is entitled for the freedom of speech; so the women are.

Here are some facts about the International Women’s Day that even my son should know.
  • The first Women’s Day was initially celebrated at the 28th of February 1909.
  • It was then agreed with an idea to promote political franchise as well as equal rights for women.
  • In some countries like Russia, the said date is celebrated during the last Sunday of February each year which fell on March 8th accordingly to gregorian calendar.
  • May 8th, 1965 is the date declared by the decree of the USSR Presidium of the Supreme Soviet that is stated as a non-working holiday only in USSR; so as the China in 1922 and the Spanish communists in 1936.
  • In western countries, the date dully observed when the United Nations General Assembly states March 8th as the United Nations Day for women’s rights and world peace.
I’m glad that here in Philippines, Avon empowered the women through its beauty, self-expression, fun, speaking-out and health. Salute to that!

I have this video commemorating the women of local music. Some may know them and some may not but the bottom line is we are all here because we jive the same thing. Am I right?

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