Rock the Heavens Karl Roy

Perhaps his legend will never fade and it will remain as what he did the first time you saw him. First impressions last. Karl Roy has been in underground music scene for years. He continues to support Pinoy rock music and never afraid to do covers and mix music genre with his own style. I’ve noticed him first as the lead man of Advent Call (1996). Their original composition “Puting Ilaw” was fervently played in the airwaves of L.A. Rock and NU 107. Later P.O.T. comes with a bang with a fresh groove of funky Pinoy rock genre; which is also did by Sir Roy. Kapatid made great acclaim during year 2003 with “Pagbabalik Ng Kuwago”. Truly, Karl Roy never gave up with his calling. Meeting errands beyond the view of genuine Pinoy rock enthusiast makes the music scene seen far funkier with him; his styles.

Today, Tuesday, March 13, 2012; He died at the age of 43 and it is confirmed by his manager, Pam Lunar.

Karl’s brother Kevin, who is a member of Razorback, posted on his Facebook wall:

Growing Up With Karl
2012 in New Manila, QC
Karl was an inspiration.
Seeing Karl at 13 years old made me want to be him.
Karl was The Man. I soooo wanted to be him.
He asked me to be myself... and I did.

I learned my rasp from him....
I learned some moves from him - to his dismay

By his influence we are here….. Rock the heavens Sir Karl Roy. You will always be loved.

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