Domino’s Pizza Japan – In Moon?

Mr. Scott K. Oelkers, the president of Domino’s Pizza Japan, announces their very ambitious plan of having a pizza parlor outlet to be constructed in moon. The president wears a full spacesuit with a unique Domino’s Pizza patch while holding a huge image of the proposed Moon Branch Project in their advertisement. He speaks in English while having a Japanese subtitles at the bottom stating its outlines and primary goals. The required funding reportedly amounts to 1.6 trillion yen or $ 21 billion dollars.

Domino’s Pizza Japan has been fond of fun stunts to celebrate its anniversary. On its 25th year the company offers a “Pizza Tracking Show” where they invited online pizza specials enthusiast to join and see the progress of their pizza to be delivered in real time. There’s also a promo where all babies born last year on September 25, the exact date the first Domino’s Pizza opened in Japan, will have their free pizza until the age of 25. It is very impressive right? I do admire Japanese’s wittiness in all aspects but what’s next for having an outlet in the moon? Are you wondering if how they gonna deliver the pizza for just 30 minutes? That is simply remains to be seen…

The proposed building of Domino's Pizza Japan

So believe in your dreams and be courageous enough! Check their website for further discussions involving the moon branch updates Domino's Pizza Japan

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