The Halloween Special

Halloween is here again. It will only take 36 more busy days to feel creepy while hanging out with friends and family. Here in Philippines, Halloween is also known as “Undas”. In urban areas, Halloween parties are scattered along every corners of the streets. Flaring with the Halloween costumes, children do trick-or-treat with neighbors keeping the Halloween spirit alive. Mostly, some are visiting their departed loved ones to offer prayers and go home. Some arrange a Halloween getaway where they prefer ghost-hunting and stuffs like crazy pranks and watching horror movies.

What was that? You wanna get creepy right now? LOL…hmmm kidding aside, As usual Kulasa has been browsing for the coolest, I mean, Halloween games to play that’s enough to fill you with goose bumps. Kulasa and her son have played it already.

Sinthai’s The House is a flash oriented game where solving mystery is done by point-and-click strategy released way back 2005. It is similar with NFH Propaganda and 99 Rooms but I liked this more. The House was created by Sinthai Boonmaitree (xin) originally from Bangkok, Thailand. Then there’s the House 2 (2010) and The Halloween Special. This is a story of a family who committed suicide and the rest will be revealed by clicking anywhere in the screen. Along with the sound, animation and exact timing makes the game interesting and enough to give you creeps. I suggest to play the game late at night, off lights and with earphones on. I really liked it when I hear the manic piano playing all over again. Why not try the game and boost your clicking skills with a bit of fear factor on the side?

The House

The House 2

The Halloween Special

You can also visit The Special Room and check their facebook fan page: http://www.facebook.com/thehousefans

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