A Certified Christa Collins Fan

It was Tuesday night and I’m waiting for my favorite primetime show but still it was about 45 minutes more to wait. Scanning the usual television channels, I’m stucked with The X-Factor USA. I think it was just a regular singing reality show that picks the most eligible contestant pricked with many controversies. Well, forty-five more minutes to go so why not watch this one. I’ve noticed that it was just an audition so there are more fresh talents to see. I’m interested enough when I saw this black guy singing a piece from Boyz II Men, I guess, and so on and so forth. Later, I noticed this woman standing in front of Enrique Iglesias and Nichole Scherzinger (whom to be her judge for that day). Her name is Christa Collins.

Christa Collins mentioned that she is the first child solo artist signed in the Disney Records. She was only ten years old then and that is pretty tough for her. Two minutes of performance in spotlight and the rest is eighteen hours of hard labor. She quitted her fame and lifestyle at the age of 16. She admits that it was the biggest mistake of her life. During those times, she’s not the typical Britney Spears or Christina Aguillera hippy. She got a style that caught my eyes and I admired most. She sang No Surprises which is originally from Radiohead. I liked Enrique’s expression when Christa expressed her emotions thru that song. After all this time, I still feel my heartbeat and goose bumps occur alternately whenever I hear her. Hmmm…maybe because I really liked the song.

Unfortunately Christa didn’t make it. Some said that Nicole voted her out and didn’t like her performance and that is reversed with Enrique’s view. Still, Christa’s personality is one in a million. Not all people will recognize her abilities and ways of thinking but still I’m one of her biggest fan.

Suddenly, my fav primetime show popped in my mind and when I scanned channels again, it’s on the run! Lucky for me I’ve watched them both!


  1. I like her too! Find out more about her here: www.christacollins.net
    She lost her mom while she was with Disney and that is why she quit. X Factor left that part out...

  2. Thanks for your comment and for the link! Sure she had more promising acts to be made better than the X - Factor. Again thanks for posting. Gonna follow your link!