Frances Bean Cobain – Gearing Up for the Spotlight

It’s been 2o years when Nirvana’s first album Nevermind crashed the radio frequencies. The great Kurt Cobain and his better half Courtney Love surprisingly had only one child. No doubt about the reason blaming that Cobain died at the peak of his grunge era. Despite of the fans mourning upon his death together with Love and the band mates, there is only one person still standing. She’s now making small steps in the limelight with a smart Cobainy vengeance, Frances Bean Cobain.

Having an impression by her father that looks like a kidney bean in ultrasounds, Frances Bean was born August 18, 1992. She is now 19 years old. Her name resembles the singer/guitarist of the band Vaseline named Frances Mckee which is greatly adored by her parents.

Kidney bean no more- Frances Bean strikes in dark look with sharp yet voluptuous eye looks and a series of black ink tattooed in her body. At her back is her philosophy “art is the solution to chaos” which probably makes sense. She also posed for Rocky Shenk and do back-up vocals an unusual indie band Evelyn Evelyn as well as an intern at Rolling Stones way back the summer of 2008.

Unfortunately, France Bean has a shaky relationship with her mom. 2009 when she was taken under the custody of her mom, Love. Now, she is under Cobain’s mother and sister in order to protect the teen’s privacy. The girl remained mum about the issue and whenever she’s asked about her mom, her answer is “irrelevant to work”.

Photo Credits by Hedi Slimane.

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