Franco - The Sound of Four Local Alternative Bands in One

I admit that I miss those NU 107 days. This local radio station proved that there are many local talents in the alternative stream are making noise of their own. However, like the old saying goes, “some good things never last”. NU did its farewell with flare last November 7, 2010 with ravishing local rock bands on the side. I’m sad.

The Baler experience was good made by Travel Factor. I’m proud because I’m one of the participants and reminisce the good old days. Along the way to Aurora, my brother introduced me to Franco. No, he’s not a guy but a band composed of five guys from four different bands. Franco is their front man.

Franco Reyes – Vocals/Guitars (2009–present) from In Yo
Gabby Alipe – Guitars, Backing vocals (2009–present) from Urbandub
Paolo Toleran – Guitars (2009–present)from Queso (This is Cheese when I heard them first)
Buwi Meneses – Bass Guitar (2009–present)from Parokya ni Edgar
JanJan Mendoza – Drums (2009–present)from Urbandub


Honestly, I didn’t know them until my brother told me about them. Embarrassingly insane but at least I admit it! Thanks to the ever reliable Google, I know them more. Franco’s music has been in the alternative scene since 2009. It has the fusion of reggae pounding sound plus the alternative rock incorporating Rastafarian messages…the spiritual use of marijuana.

Okay, so where were you when Franco dominated the 2010 NU Rock Awards? Me, I’m probably learning Windows XP Moviemaker interface. LOLS. They gathered the trophies for Artist of the Year, Song of the Year “This Gathering”, Album of the Year and Listener’s Choice Award. The band really kicked off the scene when they played “Touch the Sky” that night. And oh! Lovin’ the most talk – about hand sign originally done by Franco. Legalizing marijuana as we all know have different and serious issues in our society but everyone is entitled for the freedom of expression. The decision is made by you, yourself and no one else. Franco’s here to tell you to free your mind….

Jeez! Lovin' Franco!

You can check their gig postings here and I believe this is their true fan page since they posted fresh pics from Baler. Are you lovin’ Franco?