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There’s a place somewhere in North that offers wild and fancy waves ready for surfers to mingle the shores and kiss the sun. Travel Factor had its first Surf and Music Festival 2011 with a bang in Baler. I’m lucky enough to be one of participants and experienced Baler for the first time. I’ve expected only surf lessons and two nights of headbangin’ experience at the concert grounds but there were so much more. I mean more. I’m glad that Travel Factor is so organized although, some unexpected moments may occur but it’s okay.


Roundtrip Chartered Bus Transfers: Manila – Baler – Manila
3D / 2n accommodation
Surf & Music Festival 2011 Pass
1 Surf Lesson with Instruction and Board Rental
Daily Breakfast
Travel Factor ID and Bagtag
Surf & Music Festival 2011 Shirt
Tote Bag and Freebies from Sponsors
Welcome BBQ Lunch

 The Pass

Friday Night - It was almost 11:30 PM when we’re at the bus and waiting for 1 person who’s still on the way from his work and later, a couple of minutes more he came. Now we’re then headin’ for Baler. Slept. I woke up 5:00 AM and noticed that the bus stopped. We’ve spotted humongous dam somewhere there (Aurora proper) and the road is open for one vehicle at a time. One way. Slept again then afterwards I saw shores with big waves. Checked the assigned room by 8 in the morning and still slept. The trip is tiring. The bus kept on swerving, yeah, I felt that while sleeping. Me and my brother decided to check the place. We went strolling. We visited the public market, the church and the museum. Oh yeah, Museum de Baler. Did you know that Baler is Manuel L. Quezon’s birthplace? I didn’t know that until I visited Baler. Later, we had lunch and make friends. Saturday Night – The place at Aliya is now preparing for the concert grounds. We’ve jived the night away with DJ Nikki Rojas, DJ Joey Santos, Peter North, the cool Bee Eyes, Coffee Break Island, Tropical Depression and Franco. Cool!

The museum right in the heart of Sabang, Baler

Sunday Morning – Had our free brunch at 11:00 and went back to the room. We didn’t have the chance to have surf lessons, we’re late, so late. So were off to bayan and spotted the coolest Halo – halo in town. Its only 40.00 Php. We went back by just walking while chatting but just then ten more steps away from our room when we noticed the places we can go anywhere in Sabang for only 400.00 Php. We went to Cobra Reef, Dinaguisit Falls and Ermita Hills courtesy of Kuya and his reliable tricycle. Back at 5:00 and now preparing for the second event concert. We experienced DJ Joey Santos and DJ Nikki Rojas with cool alternative tunes for partying! Soju, Salamin, Jericho Rosales, Pedicab, Wolfgang and Spy. It was long and tiring night though it’s a blast!

 Cobra Reef

Dinaguisit Falls - "Busong" Inspired shot
Thanks bro!

Monday Morning – We didn’t participated the beach clean – up. Sorry for that but my conscience is clean, I never throwed even a single piece of my cigarette butts ANYWHERE in Baler. It’s all in my pocket. I do. We had a lunch and halo – halo again for the last time in Baler and prepared things before going home at 11:00. 2:00 Off to Manila but one of the bus had a flat tire somewhere in Cabanatuan. Got fixed for thirty minutes so the trip continues. We arrived in Manila at 11:00 PM. 3:00 AM – Cavite town proper. Yes, finally at home and again….slept.

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