The Pacquiao and Marquez Mayhem vs. Reel Steel

I was just jotting notes online and viewing co – blogger’s blog when suddenly Pacquiao and Marquez’s Fight last Sunday just popped in my mind. I am not a fan of sports and even boxing. Yet, I do cheer sometimes and even shout in excitement in front of television because my mom said so. I do remember when Tyson bit Holyfield’s ear as sort of what? I don’t know. Maybe he wants to chew something that time that’s why he digged it. Boxing is rough and tiring.

All of us are aware of Pacquiao’s strategies in the world of boxing. Several proofs there also are his famous celebs visiting him whenever he had sessions with Roach in the Wildcard place. I admit that his fight is lame last Sunday but who cares anyway? At least he survived and still retained his title. Let us all be thankful that they finished the fight safe and furioused? Kidding aside, I don’t care how Mexicans showed their nasty hand signs after the fight. It is still their privilege, I assume and I respect that. I guess that’s the whole essence of the sport, there’s a looser and there’s a winner. That’s all.


Annoyed much, I even enjoyed more when my hubby told me watch “Reel Steel”. It was quite an awakening for me. You, me and everyone in this world have to face reality. Most often we get lost in the fight which we are eager to win. Still we end up as a looser. The subject here is not about losing but how you faced the fears and enemies and how to get one’s dignity as a result of a wise move. How about that? Good thing he got his son dancing with Adom. It brings the child out in his heart as well as mine too and with my hubby’s. Look at every child’s vision, even if they comment in nonsense or funny adlibs, for sure they have meanings an adult like us can observe and have lessons from it.  

Mabuhay ang Pilipino!

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