A Visit at Taal Volcano and The People Around It

After agreeing with my friend’s recommendation, we finally said yes and ready to roam this tourist spot. Ruben is a dedicated Batangueño from Talisay, Batangas. He always goofs us that we can reach that active volcano just by canoeing. Well, that is if we are courageous enough. Taal Volcano is one of the main attractions in Tagaytay. You can even notice several establishments existing there and still counting as it glorifies its scenic view. 

Itinerary Report:
Van rental from Cavite to Talisay, Batangas          P 2,500.00
Pump Boat rental going to Taal Volcano                 1,500.00
TouristGuide                                             500.00
Entrance Fee P 50/head x5                                250.00
                                                     P 4,750.00

The trip started at 2 am and arrived Talisay nearly 4am. We didn’t have a chance to drop by at Tagaytay’s public market because Ruben didn’t notice it and blaming the fogs as well. Forty – five minutes of coffee break at Pintor Residence (Salamat Ruben!) then were heading at his uncle’s house for fresh tilapia right straight from the fish cage. That was exactly 5 am.

Going back at Pintor’s residence, fish dropped by and cooked. We are now going to pump boat’s station and heading now at Taal Volcano. Riding inquisitively, a continuous gush of air at our face keeps on rushing. Cool!. It was eight o’clock when we had our first step in the shores of Taal. A representative told us a short briefing about payables plus he offered us a horseback ride of P500/head. We still prefer to walk, we love pain. We reached the crater for an hour. Bring water if you can because you won’t believe the prices up there. Sight – seeing while air gasping can be done at the Taal’s crater. Magnificent views await you. It’s nearly 11 noon and were bound to go back to Talisay and by 12 exactly we dig lunch. By 2 in the afternoon we’re set to go home, tired but full of inspiration.

 The Crater Itself

 Fifty - pesos each

Now, back to normal.


  1. We went here too during our university days. BS Biology kasi ako sa required. haha

  2. :) Thanks for the comment Ms. Paula! Tagaytay will always be Tagaytay...nyahaha