Scream, Growl and Screech with Care

I wonder how metal vocalist prolongs their style of shouting. I, myself, do have sore throat with an overnight shouting in fancy mosh pit with bands raging in front. My first encounter with growl stuff is when I was in high school and I found out that it’s hard to digest. I admit that. Later, I heard Deftones “My Own Summer (Shove it)” and as well as their other screaming works. Suddenly I noticed that my day wouldn’t be complete with a dose of it. It also turned into lullaby whenever I’m stressed with whole day of CAT plus lots of school deadlines and delayed payment of my tuition fees resulting for not having my periodic exams. Almost.

I then heard CHEESE, they were called QUESO later but sadly they’re not workin’ now. Disbanded. They were also included in my diet. I’ve watched a short documentary yesterday on how to growl with care. I don’t wanna learn one but I am interested on how they handle their brutal and aggressive deep growling voice. I’m glad Ian Tayao is one of their interviewees. Others were Paolo Trinidad of Halmista and Jojo Book of Bloodshed. Would you believe that they have one in common? They don’t smoke. For real and do have in control and full discipline in order not to lose their growling ability. A full rocking goal as a genuine metal vocalist.

 Ian Tayao of Queso

So along with the interviews here comes along an ENT Specialist. Stated he that growling can make ones larynx sore and if not taken care immediately can cause nodules. Nodules occur when a person’s larynx is overused but can be removed surgically. One mentioned also is Melissa Cross’The Zen of Screaming. She had various clients like Coheed and Cambria! Sweet! Now, you can now have tutorials on how to growl effectively and with care. Got passion of growling?  Me, no.

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